About The University of Winds

The University of Winds is a newsletter that is written and sent out every Saturday morning to almost 500 subscribers.

The newsletter is writen by Mita Williams, a librarian, blogger, and civic-minded person in Windsor, Ontario who shares three links to wonderful and thought-provoking things in the world every week.

The University of Winds was first published using TinyLetter in November 2016. Since then, more than 300 issues have been sent.

Subscribers get access to the full archive of everything that's been published before and everything that's still to come.

Don't just take my word for it. This is what subscribers say:

  • "Thank you for helping me think through a time when I’m having difficulty putting words to what’s bothering me."
  • "Another wonderful newsletter. Thank you so much for these, especially now. I look forward to them and always find something I want to share with friends in it."
  • "Seriously, what I love the most about this newsletter is how many random yet amazing ideas, stories, writers, artists, games, etc I'm introduced to each week."